Overcoming recruiting challenges and optimizing the HR strategy



HRS faced demanding challenges in the area of HR engagement and employer branding in its German branches


  • Limited recruiting capacity: HRS had limited resources for recruiting, which limited its ability to attract and hire qualified talent.
  • Need for continuous, cross-location HR engagement: The need for a unified HR strategy that included all German HRS locations became clear in order to increase efficiency and reach in talent acquisition and retention.
  • Introduction and support of the bar raiser process: HRS needed support in the implementation and realization of a bar raiser process to ensure the quality of hiring and to make recruiting more efficient.


  • Efficient talent sourcing despite limited resources: TalentSpring helped HRS attract and hire qualified professionals even when recruiting capacity was limited.
  • Strategic HR alignment across locations: Together, HRS and TalentSpring developed a consistent HR strategy that encompassed all German locations. This led to increased efficiency in the recruitment and retention of talent.
  • Improving quality in recruiting through the bar raiser process: TalentSpring introduced the bar raiser process at HRS and supported its implementation. This ensured that new hires met the highest quality standards and made the entire recruiting process more effective.

"Despite limited resources, we were able to recruit highly qualified specialists and optimize HRS' HR strategy across all locations. The bar raiser process we have introduced will take recruiting quality to a new level."

Walid Karimi
Managing Partner Talentspring
Walid Karimi

Summary of the project

In close cooperation between HRS and TalentSpring, a comprehensive HR transformation was successfully implemented. This enabled a unified employer brand, improved recruitment strategies and increased visibility in the labor market. HRS was able to attract and retain qualified talent more efficiently and further strengthen its position as a leader in hotel booking and business travel management.

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HRS is a renowned company in the hotel booking and business travel management sector. The company offers innovative solutions for business travelers and companies worldwide. With a broad portfolio of services and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, HRS is a leader in the industry and enables companies to manage their business travel efficiently and successfully.

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