Emarsys by SAP

Why Emarsys chose Talentspring as its partner for employee scaling

Emarsys by SAP


Following the takeover by SAP in October 2020, Emarsys found itself in a phase with enormous growth requirements. At the same time, however, the Emarsys recruiting department was greatly reduced in order to adapt the recruiting strategy internally to the new requirements. An external partner was urgently needed. Although offers from external recruiting partners were flooding in for Emarsys, working with an external partner is not always easy, is often very expensive and therefore needs to be carefully considered. What do I need from a recruiting partner? Who can deliver reliably?

Why did Emarsys choose Talentspring?


  • Limited recruiting capacities: The internal recruiting team is too small to fill all open positions within the company.
  • Completion despite time pressure: The company has an ambitious growth target that must be achieved within a short period of time.
  • Shortage of specialists: The positions to be filled often require complex skills, particularly in the areas of sales and technology.


  • Efficient talent sourcing with the help of an experienced interim recruiter: The partnership with Talentspring enables Emarsys to scale its recruiting capacity without hiring additional staff.
  • Success based on expertise: Through our detailed understanding of Emarsys' recruiting challenges and strategic vision, we enabled the company to provide flexible and individualized support for the best possible candidate selection.

"It was a huge advantage for us to find somebody who was able to help and (...) provide us with different kinds of sourcing channels, and support our team in general. It solved all our issues and challenges we had at the beginning of the Ramp-up (...). I can fully recommend the company."

Norbert Borbély-Tóth
Talent Acquisition Manager
Norbert Borbély-Tóth

Summary of the project

After a massive increase in personnel and the subsequent takeover by SAP, the Emarsys recruiting department was greatly reduced and the recruiting strategy was adapted internally to new challenges. Although contacts with external recruiting partners already existed, working with external partners is not always easy and is often very expensive. 

In recruiting, it is simple, Mr. Borbély-Tóth tells us, to measure the performance of the collaboration using a few core KPIs. Talentspring delivered everything they promised to Emarsys and to a high level of satisfaction. Especially in the context of the economic fluctuation of 2022, we were able to adapt quickly and flexibly to Emarsys. Whether with regard to the prioritization and modification of central recruiting strategies or the strategic refocusing with the inclusion of Glassdoor - i.e. a channel-specific change in a short period of time.

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Emarsys is a standalone marketing automation platform that helps companies create and execute personalized marketing campaigns through multiple marketing channels.

In October 2020, SAP, a leading global provider of enterprise software, announced the acquisition of Emarsys. The acquisition expands SAP's marketing cloud solutions and strengthens its position in the growing market for marketing automation and e-commerce.

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