Successful recruitment in the healthcare sector: How Talentspring transformed the sales teams of Docplanner and Jameda.



Docplanner is known for its leading role in digital healthcare and merged with jameda, the largest doctor rating portal in Germany, in 2021. This merger presented the company with new challenges in its personnel structure, particularly in the sales area. We helped the company to build a high-performance sales team through targeted recruiting.


  • Necessary restructuring: Following the merger of Docplanner and Jameda, a comprehensive restructuring of the sales team in Germany was necessary.‍
  • Shortage of skilled workers: The increasing shortage of skilled workers and the need to standardize the recruiting process across different locations made it more difficult to find qualified sales employees across all seniority levels.


  • ‍Efficientintegration and process alignment: Talentspring supported the operational business to implement a structured and efficient recruiting process. This included stakeholder management, sourcing, interviewing, pipeline management and reporting. A particular focus was on the qualitative needs analysis and the induction of new hiring managers through training units specially developed by us.‍
  • Successfully filling key positions: We were able to help jameda build an effective team of sales representatives across Germany.

"Recruitment in sales and healthcare posed major challenges for jameda, but Talentspring has proven that it is possible to overcome them. With a targeted strategy and a deep understanding of the requirements of both industries, we have attracted high-caliber sales people to Docplanner and jameda."

Alexander Ruf
Project Lead Talentspring
Alexander Ruf

Summary of the project

As part of this project, Talentspring successfully recruited new sales staff for Docplanner and jameda throughout Germany. By working closely with the internal teams and using proven recruiting methods, the shortage of specialists was successfully overcome and a consistent recruiting process was established for all locations.

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jameda, the largest doctor rating portal in Germany, enables patients to find and rate the right doctor. Docplanner, founded in Poland, is a leading company in the digital healthcare sector and offers a platform for patients to make appointments with doctors. The merger of the two companies created a strong presence in the European healthcare market and opened up new opportunities in the field of digital healthcare.

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