Effective recruitment optimization: Steris' success story with TalentSpring



Steris faced talent acquisition challenges that needed to be overcome. The low number of applicants via traditional job advertisements, location factors and budget constraints affected the company's recruitment efforts.


  • Low number of applicants via conventional job advertisements: Steris has noticed that the number of applicants via conventional job advertisements has declined in recent months, making it more difficult to fill vacancies.
  • Location factors influence recruitment: Steris was confronted with certain location factors that had a negative impact on recruitment and deterred potential applicants.
  • Budget restrictions for personnel service providers: The company had to forego cost-intensive personnel service providers during recruitment due to budget restrictions, which limited the selection options.


  • Effective active sourcing and support with initial interviews: Steris and TalentSpring conducted targeted active sourcing to proactively identify and approach qualified candidates. In addition, TalentSpring supported the initial interviews to accelerate the selection process and select qualified candidates more efficiently.
  • Location-specific targeting and overcoming recruitment barriers: Steris and TalentSpring worked to improve the perception of the locations and attract potential candidates through targeted communication about the benefits and potential of each location. This helped to minimize the negative impact of location factors.
  • Optimizing the recruiting budget and reducing dependency on recruitment agencies: Together, Steris and TalentSpring identified cost-efficient recruiting methods and processes. This enabled effective recruitment within budget and reduced the need for costly recruitment agencies.

"We have introduced innovative approaches such as targeted active sourcing to proactively approach qualified applicants. Through location-specific targeting and efficient budget utilization, we have improved applicant acquisition, accelerated the recruitment process and helped to attract and retain highly qualified talent for Steris."

Walid Karimi
Managing Partner Talentspring
Walid Karimi

Summary of the project

Thanks to the close collaboration between Steris and TalentSpring, talent acquisition challenges were successfully overcome. The implementation of effective active sourcing strategies, the location-specific approach and the optimization of the recruiting budget led to improved candidate acquisition. In addition, TalentSpring assisted with initial interviews to speed up the selection process. These joint efforts enabled Steris to attract and retain qualified talent more efficiently and helped to strengthen the company's recruitment function.

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Steris is a global leader in healthcare and life sciences. The company is dedicated to improving patient care and optimizing production processes in the life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors. Steris offers a wide range of products and services, including medical devices, sterilization solutions and laboratory equipment. The company pursues a mission based on safety, efficacy and compliance in healthcare and works closely with healthcare institutions, biopharmaceutical companies and life science researchers to provide high quality solutions. Steris operates internationally and remains a leader in innovation and quality in its industries.

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