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ESE World B.V., a European industry leader in temporary storage systems for waste and recycling materials, was facing some challenges in recruiting qualified personnel. The positions of injection molding machine setter, locksmith and electrician required specific technical skills and experience, which made the search for the right candidates more complex. In addition, the international presence and diverse regulatory requirements of the globally active group of companies made recruitment more difficult.


  • Skills shortage: Due to the specialized nature of the industry and the high technical requirements for the positions of injection moulding machine setter, locksmith and electrician, ESE World B.V. faced challenges in recruiting qualified personnel.
  • Industry-specific challenges: The need for technical expertise and experience in the relevant fields required a targeted approach and attractive presentation of the company as an employer in order to attract the right candidates.
  • Location-related problems that affect recruitment: As ESE World B.V. is part of a global group of companies, its international presence and the associated different geographical and regulatory requirements made recruitment complex.


  • Successful increase in visibility: With a total of 168,000 impressions achieved through targeted performance recruiting strategies, we were able to significantly intensify the recruitment process to date.
  • Efficient talent sourcing: The generation of more than 25 qualified applications for the advertised positions underlined the effectiveness of the recruitment strategy and created a solid basis for the selection of suitable candidates.
  • Implementation of customized employer branding strategies: Significant boost to ESE World B.V.'s employer brand, as a result of which the company was perceived as an attractive employer in the waste management and recycling industry and will be able to recruit qualified specialists more easily in the future.

"Thanks to the professional and swift implementation of the performance recruiting campaign by the dedicated team, ESE World B.V. was not only able to attract qualified applicants for specialized positions, but also significantly strengthen its employer brand, creating the basis for a sustainable HR strategy - a collaboration that brought efficient solutions and valuable insights into the recruitment landscape."

Alexander Ruf
Project Lead Talentspring
Alexander Ruf

Summary of the project

Through targeted performance recruiting strategies, ESE World B.V. was able to significantly increase the visibility of its job advertisements, resulting in a total of 168,000 impressions. This resulted in more than 25 qualified applications for the advertised positions, underlining the effectiveness of the recruitment strategy. In addition, the employer brand of ESE World B.V. was significantly strengthened. The company is now perceived as an attractive employer in the waste management and recycling industry, which will facilitate the future recruitment of qualified professionals. With over 80 years of experience and a strong focus on sustainability, ESE World B.V. will continue to promote a sustainable future in the industry.

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ESE World B.V., founded in 1934 and based in Maastricht, the Netherlands, is Europe's leading manufacturer of temporary storage systems for waste and recycling materials. With over 80 years of experience, ESE develops sustainable and smart waste management solutions to meet the increasing demands of the industry. In 2017, the company became part of RPC Group Plc, which merged with Berry Global Group, Inc. in 2019 and now operates as a global supplier of plastic packaging. ESE World B.V. has a strong focus on sustainability and the efficient collection of waste to promote a sustainable future.

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