Skills shortage, competition & talent experience: contemporary recruiting is more demanding and competitive than ever.

Recruiting must therefore undoubtedly be constantly developed and rethought. We are happy to help you with your transformation.

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What is your biggest challenge in recruiting?

High investments in recruiting, but no successes
Modernization of recruiting necessary
Not enough applications
Applicant quality not sufficient
No time for active sourcing
Employer brand not (yet) strong enough
High costs for headhunters
Too little capacity in the team
Professional networks overfished
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48% of HR managers are dissatisfied with the results in recruiting.

Optimization and modernization of recruiting are absolutely desired.

Employee recruitment is becoming increasingly expensive, complex and competitive
Struggling recruiting as a company-critical growth blocker
Short-term fire extinguishing instead of stress-free planning
Staff shortage as a reason for dissatisfaction and avoidable fluctuation
Acute recruitment pressure often leads to costly misplacements