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"It was a huge advantage for us to find somebody who was able to help and provide us with different kinds of sourcing channels, and support our team in general. It solved all our issues and challenges we had at the beginning of the ramp-up."

Norbert Borbély-Tóth
Norbert Borbély-Tóth
Talent Acquisition Manager
Emarsys by SAP

"Recruiting is a process and recruiting is sales. I find this, coupled with very realistic expectations about process progress and KPIs showing not that progress, very convincing and it has really helped us!"

Matthias Knoche
Matthias Knoche
Vice President

"You can't wait until the perfect application comes in and then put people through a process afterwards, you have to be really agile and flexible, with a lot of empathy and good communication skills (...) to stay on the market."

Benjamin Staub Baumgartner
Benjamin Staub Baumgartner
Chief People Officer
About the Rose Group

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Still have questions? We have the answers:

How time-consuming is the application?

The application is very simple and only takes 2 minutes. Answer the questions on the sign-up page, you do not need a current CV for the application. You can upload it later to enrich your profile.

Does membership cost anything?

No, membership is free and will always remain so for our members.

Can anyone register?

No, it is very important to us that we only accept students and young professionals who want to pursue a career in HR.

Can I also invite my fellow students?

Yes, you are very welcome to do that. We also run a Campus Ambassador program, which offers additional benefits. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us by e-mail at

Who is behind Talentspring?

With Talentspring, we are pursuing the goal of building Germany's leading consulting boutique in the field of recruiting excellence. We help our clients to defy the challenges of the skills shortage and meet the new demands of talent in order to remain competitive. Numerous innovative growth companies, SMEs and large corporations are among our partners and continue to develop their recruiting with us.

Why does Talentspring run the HR community?

We are convinced that major problems can only be solved by connecting ambitious people and working together as partners; we want to actively contribute to this. Tomorrow's leaders will have an incredible impact on the world of work and thus on the everyday working lives of millions of people, which is why we want to connect them with today's leaders right now in order to promote cross-generational exchange.

For all students & graduates with an interest in HR

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Quick application without CV (2 min.)