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How McMakler found a strategic partner for sustainable recruiting optimization in Talentspring



Especially when it comes to tech recruiting, as a company you grow with your challenges. Ambitious growth targets quickly produce an imbalance between the number of people you need, what the pipeline offers, what is available on the market - and how much appeal you have as a company.

Our structured approach was particularly important to McMakler in the partnership with Talentspring. Mr. Knoche describes two types of external recruiting partners. One type promises (too) much: no matter for which positions, they already have the right candidates in their network. The other partner - that's us - pitches recruiting as a process, recruiting as sales. None of us can do magic and for complex positions we communicate realistic expectations. In this case, we offer companies candidates successively, with a corresponding explanation of why this person is particularly well suited as the next step. Robust KPIs can be extracted relatively quickly from this process, which in turn results in iterative predictability across the entire funnel. We can then offer the following analysis, for example: X many direct approaches result in Y initial interviews with a 50 percent probability that Z many candidates will progress to the next phase of the funnel. Or: This profile is not suitable for the market at this salary, whereupon we suggest a specific profile adjustment to the client or a corresponding adjustment to the salary range. This supports our clients enormously in their internal planning, without promising too much out of nothing. In this way, we offer a level of certainty that makes it possible to forecast growth targets.

"In my experience, there are two groups of experiences you can have when you get external help with recruiting.
One is the group of agencies that don't talk about the process at all and work like a black box. They conjure up a CV, but the person doesn't actually exist.
The other group says recruiting is a process and recruiting is sales. I find that, coupled with very professional expectations and KPIs that show how progress is going (...) totally convincing."


  • Ambitious growth targets in recruiting with a focus on IT positions: In order to achieve ambitious growth targets in the area of IT positions, our client faced challenges in recruiting, particularly with regard to the candidate experience. It was crucial to find effective solutions through phased and short-term collaboration with recruitment agencies.
  • Desire for a reliable partner: Due to bad experiences with the phased and short-term oriented cooperation with personnel service providers, our client recognized the need for a reliable partner who delivers effective and fast results. The company was therefore specifically looking for a strategic partner capable of optimizing the recruiting process and providing qualified candidates in a timely manner.


  • Structured development of a recruiting process: We helped the client to develop a structured recruiting process based on transparent and clearly defined key figures. Through a realistic assessment of forecasts and future developments, we enabled sustainable recruiting.
  • Realistic calculation of forecasts and future developments for sustainable recruiting: In addition, we have consolidated various external recruiting service providers and integrated Talentspring as a central partner.

"I would of course recommend you - I have already done so several times. It was always fun and the results speak for themselves. Definitely!"

Matthias Knoche
Matthias Knoche

Summary of the project

Especially when it comes to tech recruiting, as a company you grow with your challenges.

Ambitious growth targets can quickly lead to a discrepancy between the required number of employees, the available candidates and the company's market position. In collaboration with Talentspring, McMakler has placed particular emphasis on a structured approach.

Matthias Knoche describes two types of external recruiting partners: some promise too much, others rely on a process and sales approach. Talentspring belongs to the second category. We can't perform magic, but we offer companies a systematic and iterative approach. We successively deliver candidates with a detailed explanation of why they are particularly suitable. This enables us to quickly generate robust KPIs that allow us to iteratively forecast the entire recruiting funnel.

Due to the structured and process-oriented approach, paired with a first-class interview strategy, Matthias Knoche, VP of the Berlin-based startup McMakler, fully recommends working with Talentspring.

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McMakler offers its clients a platform for all aspects of real estate transactions that ensures the best service throughout Germany thanks to this combination of local expertise and digital processes.

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