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Transformation in recruiting: our success story with PagoNxt



Following a crucial restructuring, the company turned to an expert in interim recruiting to fill much-needed positions. With focused active sourcing and a clear vision, our interim recruiter brought a wealth of talent into the company that was instrumental in driving PagoNxt's success.


  • Desire for external recruitment expertise: Following a restructuring in the company, PagoNxt planned to rely solely on interim recruitment. Recruiters that they had previously hired were not performing as desired and were unable to take on tasks outside of a technical role.


  • Successfully filling key positions: Through the experience of our interim recruiter, we have been able to have continued success and fill positions that are both business and technology oriented.

"Although we were dancing an ambiguous scenario, without Hans's guidance, energy, and expertise, it couldn't have been possible to achieve our goals in such a short time. He is concerned for your success and no matter the situation; he always delivers."

Pablo Portilla
Team Lead Talent Acquisition
Pablo Portilla

Summary of the project

At the beginning of our partnership, we took on 22 open positions and hired new employees in a very short period of time, exceeding the targets set for the entire team. Through active sourcing and paid advertisements, we were able to fill many positions across various teams in controlling, finance, accounting, customer success, sales and compliance.

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PagoNxt is an innovative technology company specializing in the development of cutting-edge payment solutions. With our industry-leading expertise and passion for innovation, the company is shaping the future of payments. Our goal is to create seamless and secure payment experiences that benefit businesses and consumers alike.

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