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Klarna faced the challenge of building fast-growing engineering teams in new international locations, including the integration of Sofort GmbH into the Klarna Group. Local talent development and addressing the skills shortage were key concerns. In addition, the alignment of HR and the recruitment processes within the Klarna Group was required.


  • International growth: Klarna pursued an aggressive growth strategy and required engineering teams in new international locations, including the integration of Sofort GmbH into the Klarna Group.
  • Skills shortage: Recruiting qualified specialists was a challenge that had to be overcome due to the growing demand for engineering talent.‍
  • Inconsistent recruitment processes: Inconsistent recruitment processes existed within the Klarna Group that required standardization to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HR operations.


  • Efficient integration and process harmonization: The integration of Sofort GmbH was successfully completed while maintaining operational independence. At the same time, the personnel and recruitment processes within the Klarna Group were successfully standardized.
  • Successful filling of key positions: Klarna was able to fill key positions effectively, which was crucial for the company's growth.
  • Talent development and partnerships: Klarna introduced a program for career changers to address the local skills shortage. In addition, successful partnerships were established with local universities to promote dual study programs.
  • Effective training and quality assurance: Specific training for recruitment teams in new locations was introduced to ensure compliance with Klarna standards.
  • Continuous improvement: A monitoring system enabled the continuous monitoring and improvement of the adapted recruitment processes.
  • Successful expansion and local adaptation: Klarna developed successful expansion strategies for new tech hubs and created an infrastructure that combined global standards and local needs.

"Through this partnership, Klarna has strengthened its position as a pioneer in global recruiting and has been able to successfully enter new markets while attracting top talent worldwide."

Walid Karimi
Managing Partner Talentspring
Walid Karimi

Summary of the project

This partnership strengthened Klarna's position as a pioneer in global recruiting and enabled the company to successfully penetrate new markets and attract top talent worldwide.

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Klarna is a leading global provider of online payment solutions and shopping services. The company was founded in Sweden in 2005 and has since become a driving innovator in the field of digital payments and e-commerce. Klarna's mission is to make online shopping safer, easier and more user-friendly. With a strong presence in Europe and an expanding global reach, Klarna sets the standard for the digital commerce experience.

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