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This is how we supported H-Tec Systems Gmbh with their problems in recruiting!

H-Tec Systems


Sophie Kostka is Executive Vice President for People and Culture at H-TEC SYSTEMS, a German startup specializing in the development and production of hydrogen technologies. They are a leader in the production of hydrogen electrolyzers, fuel cells and hydrogen storage systems. Their innovative solutions help to promote clean energy sources and advance the hydrogen economy.


  • Challenges after growth phase: H-TEC has recorded impressive growth of 100% in just one year and continues to pursue ambitious growth plans. During this strong growth, which is expected to plateau at some point, the company faces the challenge of not over-expanding in-house capacity and headcount. This balancing act between rapid growth and avoiding an unnecessarily bloated recruitment department requires strategic solutions.‍
  • Industry factors influence recruitment: As a start-up, flexibility and availability are particularly important for H-TEC. In a dynamic environment, it may be necessary to adapt plans quickly. Modern recruiting methods and an effective toolset play a decisive role here. At the same time, recruitment expertise is required to bring qualified talent on board and at the same time introduce new ideas into the recruitment process.
  • Shortage of skilled workers: Last but not least, H-TEC attaches great importance to the quality of the employees who are integrated into the company. These factors together form the basis for our successful cooperation and help the company to achieve its ambitious growth target without unnecessarily straining the budget.


  • Efficient talent sourcing with the help of experienced interim recruiters: two of our interim recruitment specialists have already become part of the H-TEC SYSTEMS recruiting team at short notice and are filling open positions effectively and sustainably. Sophie Kostka describes it as follows: "The interim talents have delivered results from start to finish. Blue collar to director level - everything across the board. 3 months of Talentspring was cheaper than what we would have paid for headhunters and a better fit."

"There is such and such a recruitment agency. Those who really try to find a best fit or simply try to get their commission. And that makes a huge difference to the quality of the Hirings."

Sophie Kostka
EVP People & Culture
Sophie Kostka

Summary of the project

H-TEC Systems has grown by an impressive 100%+ within a year and continues to follow ambitious growth plans. As a result, it faced the challenge of building in-house capacity for rapid growth without unnecessarily overburdening the team. As a start-up that needed flexibility and availability, the company opted for an interim recruitment solution. This involved hiring at various levels, from blue collar positions to directors, in a very short space of time. This proved to be more cost-effective and efficient than hiring traditional headhunters.

In addition, H-TEC Systems conducted performance recruiting to test and implement targeted talent recruitment campaigns. The results were impressive, and the company emphasized the importance of choosing recruiters who not only want to earn commissions, but actively seek out the "best fit" for the company. This led to an overall higher quality of new hires and supported the continued growth of H-TEC Systems.

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H-TEC SYSTEMS is an internationally active company in the field of renewable energies. Since it was founded in 1997, it has been working on products for the production and supply of green hydrogen at its sites in Braak and Augsburg, thereby driving forward the energy transition.

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