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Deel, a company that specializes in global payment and compliance solutions, were facing challenges in its payroll department.


  • Skills shortage and recruitment difficulties: Deel faced the challenge of finding and hiring qualified employees for their payroll department, which affected smooth operations.‍
  • Conversion to a new payroll system: There was an urgent need to switch to a new payroll system in order to meet current requirements, which required a complex conversion.‍
  • Data management issues: Deel struggled with a lack of data maintenance and a lack of a consistent data source, which led to a high backlog of requests and required urgent corrections.


  • ‍Efficienttalent sourcing despite limited resources: Deel received support in targeting qualified specialists and conducting initial interviews to speed up the recruitment process.‍
  • Introduction and support of the bar raiser process: We helped Deel implement and realize a bar raiser process to ensure the quality of new hires and make the entire recruiting process more efficient.‍
  • Optimization of data management: By introducing a uniform data source and improving data maintenance, the backlog of queries was reduced and troubleshooting accelerated.

"Working closely with Deel, we have developed efficient payroll solutions to help global companies manage their international teams. Our joint system integration led to a reduction in overtime and shortened processing time for requests. We were also able to reduce the backlog by a quarter."

Walid Karimi
Managing Partner Talentspring
Walid Karimi

Summary of the project

Together with Deel, we carried out a system integration that did not affect regular operations and led to a 20% reduction in team overtime. Through targeted training, we managed to reduce the error rate by 15% and shorten the processing time for requests by 30%. In addition, workflows were optimized, resulting in a 25% reduction in requests and a 40% acceleration in error resolution. Deel provides global companies with efficient payroll solutions that enable them to manage contracts and payments to international employees in compliance with local laws and tax regulations. With our support, companies can successfully expand their global presence and effectively manage international teams.

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Deel is a company that specializes in global payment and compliance solutions for international teams and companies. Their platform enables companies to manage contracts and payments to employees worldwide while ensuring compliance with local labor laws and tax regulations. Deel helps companies expand globally and manage international teams by providing secure and efficient solutions for managing contracts, payments and legal compliance requirements.

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