How Talentspring supports the innovative industrial company ERIKS in recruiting



Aleksandra Miarka is HR Recruiting Specialist at ERIKS Deutschland GmbH, founded in 1940, and reports on the cooperation with Talentspring. ERIKS is a specialized industrial service provider offering a wide range of technical products, tailor-made solutions, co-engineering and related services.


  • Skills shortage and recruitment difficulties: Eriks primarily used job advertisements on their homepage and popular job portals to actively target candidates looking for work. However, this resulted in a low response rate in rural areas and for blue-collar vacancies.‍
  • Desire for external recruiting expertise: "How can we solve this problem? What options are there? Of course, you have to think innovatively and not remain stuck in outdated solutions," says Aleksandra Miarka, recapitulating her key questions in the search for a suitable solution, which she found at Talentspring.


  • Implementation of location-based recruitment solutions: Together with Talentspring, ERIKS is expanding their recruiting tool and launching performance recruiting campaigns. Particularly in more remote areas, this allows them to tap into completely new candidates that they would not have been able to consider before. And success comes quickly: The first campaign already closes two vacancies, one in the blue-collar sector and one in technical internal sales. In addition to the extended reach of their job advertisements, ERIKS particularly emphasizes the positive impact of the campaigns on their employer brand.‍
  • Efficient analysis and process harmonization:: The basis of our joint collaboration was a systematic analysis of your recruiting program to identify and design the necessary recruiting adjustments for ERIKS. Aleksandra describes our collaboration as follows: "The support, the speed, the flexibility, but also the authenticity that she radiates are convincing. You are greeted nicely, there are quick communication channels, nothing is made complex, but you can let your thoughts run free and she summarizes the most important information to deliver an excellent result. The advice and support are right there."

"How can we solve the problem? What options are there? Of course, you have to go with innovation and not think in terms of old-fashioned solutions."

Aleksandra Miarka
HR Specialist Recruiting
Aleksandra Miarka

Summary of the project

Together with Talentspring, ERIKS opens up another recruiting channel through social media recruiting and builds up a significant candidate response. Their first campaign fills two vacancies unerringly and at short notice, while in our further cooperation "we receive countless applications, so that we now have problems contacting all applicants at all. I've never experienced anything like it - not even with other cooperation partners."

The results of our collaboration speak for themselves: "The highlight is that we were able to fill two positions directly with the first campaign. In our ongoing campaign, we receive countless applications, so that we now have problems contacting all applicants. I've never experienced anything like this before - not even with other cooperation partners."

Company Image

ERIKS Germany GmbH

ERIKS is a multinational industrial services company specializing in the provision of engineering and technical solutions. They offer a wide range of products and services for various industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, iron and steel, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and many more. ERIKS' activities include the supply of seals, drive technology, bearings, hoses, industrial valves and plant maintenance. In addition, they also offer technical advice, retrofitting and training to help their customers optimize their business processes and increase their efficiency.

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