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Efficient recruiting for Lilium Manufacturing: Successful start to production



During a period of growth, Lilium initiated a global recruitment process for the manufacturing division to ensure the imminent start of production. An experienced interim recruiter was hired to efficiently attract qualified specialists. Thanks to his strategic approach, the positions were filled in good time. Close cooperation with various locations ensured a uniform and effective recruitment strategy.


  • Shortage of skilled workers due to rapid growth: The company was faced with capacity bottlenecks in the team during a phase of rapid growth. To overcome these challenges, an experienced recruiter was urgently needed who was able to act quickly and effectively.


  • Successful filling of key positions: One of our industry-experienced interim recruiters, who had specialist knowledge of the automotive/aerospace sector, enabled the recruiting process to be carried out efficiently and the vacant positions to be filled promptly.
  • Strategic HR alignment: In addition, a concept was developed in intensive collaboration with internal stakeholders and specialist departments in order to precisely understand the requirements and expectations of the new positions. This enabled targeted advertising of the positions and helped to identify qualified candidates who met the company's requirements.‍

"As part of the interim project at Lilium, we were able to implement over 50 new hires in less than six months, which contributed significantly to the company's successful hypergrowth phase. Working with one of the most innovative eVTOL start-ups in the world makes us very proud and we value the partnership highly."

Nicolas Magel
Project Lead Talentspring
Nicolas Magel

Summary of the project

In less than 6 months, over 50 positions were successfully filled, a remarkable milestone that underlines the effectiveness of our recruitment team. At the same time, we professionalized internal recruiting processes, which led to increased efficiency and quality in candidate selection. The introduction of a standardized process across multiple locations not only strengthened collaboration, but also enabled a consistent approach to recruitment. In light of these successes, we have extended the partnership for a further 6 months to further expand the collaboration and attract even more talent.

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Lilium is an innovative company specializing in the development of electrically powered vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOLs). With the aim of shaping the future of urban mobility, Lilium focuses on creating state-of-the-art aircraft that enable emission-free and efficient transportation. Lilium's eVTOL aircraft are designed to cover both short and medium distances quickly and sustainably, offering a transformative solution to urban transportation challenges. With a dedicated team of experts from various fields, Lilium is driving the development of aviation technologies and strives to fundamentally change the way people move around in urban environments.

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