Successful HR transformation: Talentspring strengthens Qorvo's HR management



In an ever-changing business world, effective HR is critical to ensuring the success of an organization. Talentspring, as a leading recruiting agency, has successfully partnered with Qorvo to close a challenging HR gap and drive significant strategic initiatives.


  • Vacancy in the HR Business Partner role: The departure of an employee created a vacancy in the HR Business Partner role that could not be filled immediately.
  • Challenges in the HR team: The HR team in the USA faced the challenge of effectively managing ongoing processes during this transition phase.


  • Cooperative design of works agreements: Talentspring and Qorvo worked in partnership to develop works agreements with the works council and management.
  • Global HR policies with local customization: Working closely together, Talentspring and Qorvo developed global HR policies and customized them according to the national laws of Qorvo's various locations.

"From drafting company agreements to adapting global HR guidelines to local laws - with our individually developed approach, we were able to sustainably strengthen Qorvo's HR management."

Karim Suhm
Founder Talentspring
Karim Suhm

Summary of the project

Working closely together, we were able to successfully bridge an HR business partner vacancy and drive forward strategic HR initiatives. This included drafting company agreements, developing global HR guidelines and adapting to national laws.

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Qorvo is a global leader in radio frequency solutions for mobile communications and wireless infrastructure. The company develops innovative semiconductor products, including filters and amplifiers, that significantly improve the quality of wireless signals. With a focus on 5G and the Internet of Things, Qorvo is an industry pioneer driving technology for a connected world.

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