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Efficient filling of the position of Head of Sales in the field of sustainable plastics recycling by Talentspring



Following a successful financing round, the Managing Director and founder, Christian, was specifically looking for a Head of Sales. As Christian had previously been independently responsible for sales, he now decided to devote himself more to strategic tasks and transfer sales responsibility to an experienced colleague.


  • Lack of resources: At the beginning, Cirplus did not have a dedicated HR or recruiting team. The founder's limited time did not allow for additional resources to attract more talent. This was due to already limited capacities, which were already being used for strategic issues and company development.


  • Successfully filling key positions: Due to our proven experience in supporting numerous start-ups with the recruitment of specialists, Christian did not hesitate to contact us directly. Thanks to our "Active Sourcing as a Service", we were able to recruit a highly qualified Head of Sales for his start-up within a month.‍

"Thanks to Talentspring's expertise, we were able to establish our new location in Germany extremely quickly without having to accept any losses in our inquiries. We are delighted to have a strong partner like Talentspring at our side."

Christian Schiller
Founder & CEO
Christian Schiller

Summary of the project

Cirplus, a pioneer in sustainable plastics recycling, launched a key project to increase efficiency and sustainability. The focus was on the introduction of a digital marketplace for recycled plastics to revolutionize transparent and effective procurement in the industry. A central component was the strategic recruitment of a Head of Sales, who not only optimized the sales strategy but also played a key role in establishing significant partnerships. Through the successful implementation of this project, Cirplus consolidated its position as an industry leader and actively shaped a more sustainable way of doing business. The creation of the digital marketplace and the recruitment of an experienced Head of Sales mark landmark steps towards global change and an increased commitment to sustainable business.

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Cirplus is an innovative company that is positioning itself as a pioneer in the field of sustainable plastics recycling. With a clear focus on creating a circular economy, Cirplus is taking pioneering measures to increase efficiency and sustainability in the plastics industry. At the heart of Cirplus is a digital marketplace that enables players in the plastics industry to procure recycled plastics transparently and efficiently. By integrating state-of-the-art technologies and working closely with industry experts, the company is creating a platform that not only promotes the trade of recycled materials, but also drives the use of sustainable resources in the industry.

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