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Talentspring strengthens Nano Dimension: Successful HR transformation for future success

Nano Dimension AG


HR support for Nano Dimension in Germany was previously mainly organized on an interim basis or was managed centrally by the headquarters. This led to various challenges.


  • Neglect of labor law priorities: There was a neglect of important labor law matters, such as contract updates and working time recording, which led to legal uncertainties and potential risks.
  • Lack of systematic employee data management: There was a lack of consistent and systematic employee data management, which made it difficult to track key HR metrics and make data-based decisions.


  • Implementation of data-driven reporting systems: Data-driven reporting systems were introduced to manage employee information. This enabled systematic data collection and analysis in order to develop sound HR strategies and increase efficiency in HR management.
  • Proactive initiatives to comply with labor law standards: Proactive measures were taken to ensure compliance with and updating of labor law standards. This helped to minimize legal risks and increase employee satisfaction.

"By working closely together, we not only achieved a comprehensive HR transformation in Germany, but also set a new benchmark for effective HR management. Our solutions were almost as precise as if they had been 3D printed."

Katharina Jungmichel
Project Lead Talentspring
Katharina Jungmichel

Summary of the project

In a close partnership between Nano Dimension and TalentSpring, a comprehensive HR transformation was successfully implemented in Germany. Previously, HR support was largely interim or centralized through headquarters. This situation led to neglect of labor law priorities, such as contract updates and time tracking, as well as a lack of systematic employee data management and analytical HR KPI reporting.

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Nano Dimension

Nano Dimension is a leader in additive manufacturing through 3D printing of high-performance electronics. The company uses unique nanotechnology inks to revolutionize the production of electronic components, particularly in industries such as aerospace, medical and defense. With its advanced 3D printing technology, Nano Dimension accelerates manufacturing processes, reduces costs and significantly shortens development times. The company relies on intensive research and development to drive innovation and further consolidate its position in the market.

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