About the Rose Group

How the Zur Rose Group transformed its recruiting department with Talentspring

About the Rose Group


Benjamin Staub Baumgartner, CEO of the Zur Rose Group, which is known in Germany as DocMorris, talks about his experience of the partnership with Talentspring with regard to the current skills shortage. The collaboration with Talentspring has helped the Zur Rose Group to attract and retain qualified employees.


  • Traditional recruitment in the form of post and pray: The company's recruitment department used a traditional approach based on publishing job advertisements and then waiting for suitable candidates to apply. The company did not invest much in finding and recruiting the best talent.
  • No active approach to the suitable candidate segment: The company had no systematic strategy for actively approaching suitable candidates. There were no targeted recruiting activities or campaigns to attract top talent.


  • Continuous optimization of the employer brand: Following the transformation of the recruiting department, the employer brand was continuously improved in order to stand out from the competition. The company placed a clear focus on presenting itself as an attractive employer.
  • Transformation of the recruiting department into an agile, flexible and empathetic recruiting department: The company's recruiting department was restructured into an agile and flexible team that focused on actively approaching candidates. There was a new concept for targeting and retaining talent. The team acted empathetically and placed value on a good candidate experience.
  • Focus on actively approaching candidates: The company invested in targeted recruiting campaigns and activities to approach suitable candidates. There was a systematic strategy for identifying and approaching top talent to ensure that the company was able to attract the best candidates for its vacancies.

"Recruiting was very traditional for us: a lot of post & pray and placing job advertisements. But in collaboration with Talentspring, the transformation was initiated - we started actively searching, filling talent pipelines and actively managing candidates."

Benjamin Staub Baumgartner
Chief People Officer
Benjamin Staub Baumgartner

Summary of the project

By working in partnership with Talentspring, the Zur Rose Group was able to fundamentally transform its recruiting process. From a classic "post and pray" approach to a targeted, active candidate approach. Strengthening the employer brand and restructuring the recruiting department made it possible to attract and retain top talent in the long term. The clear focus on a strategic, systematic approach to potential candidates led to sustainable success. Under the leadership of Benjamin Staub Baumgartner as Chief People Officer, the Zur Rose Group has established an agile and empathetic recruiting culture that meets the challenges of the skills shortage in a professional and effective manner.

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About the Rose Group

The Zur Rose Group is a leading company in the field of e-health and telemedicine solutions as well as online pharmacies in Europe. The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. The Zur Rose Group operates online pharmacies in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Denmark and employs more than 5,000 people. The company's mission is to improve healthcare through innovative digital solutions and to offer patients in Europe a safe and convenient way to order and receive their medicines online.

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