Germany-wide recruiting for the Solvay Group



The Solvay Group rolled out a global recruiting process for the German site, which was to be implemented across three locations by an experienced interim recruiter. At the same time, recruitment continued for all other locations.


  • Introduction of a standardized global recruiting process: Solvay aimed for a global recruiting approach instead of implementing individual processes worldwide.
  • Overcoming capacity bottlenecks: The Solvay Group faced the challenge of overcoming capacity bottlenecks in order to effectively implement the global recruitment process.
  • Lack of experience in the team: The company had no previous experience in implementing such a process, which posed additional challenges.


  • ‍EfficientGlobal Recruiting Processes: As experienced interim recruiters, we focused on making processes run smoothly by introducing and implementing effective recruiting processes on a global scale.‍
  • Seamless communication with stakeholders: We actively developed and implemented communication strategies to ensure smooth interaction with internal stakeholders. The focus was on successfully guiding all stakeholders through the entire recruitment process.
  • Industry-specific recruiting expertise: To ensure that the company attracts the top talent in the chemical industry, an industry-experienced recruiter was chosen. Using in-depth industry know-how, we develop customized solutions to optimally meet the specific requirements of the chemical industry.

"Thanks to our involvement with Solvay, one of the world's largest chemical companies, we were able to successfully contribute our expertise on a global level. Our efforts led to the redesign of the recruiting process in Germany, which enabled us to optimize the recruitment of first-class talent. It is particularly pleasing that we have gained Solvay as a long-term partner for our company!"

Walid Karimi
Managing Partner Talentspring
Walid Karimi

Summary of the project

During our significant involvement in a landmark project for Solvay, a leading international chemical company, we successfully applied our extensive expertise on a global scale. Our intensive efforts focused on redesigning and optimizing the recruitment process in Germany with the aim of attracting top talent to the company, and by developing and implementing innovative recruitment strategies and applying modern selection procedures, we were able not only to increase the efficiency of the recruitment process, but also to ensure that the quality of the talent recruited met Solvay's exacting standards.

The successful completion of this project, which culminates in a long-term partnership with Solvay, is particularly pleasing. This strategic alliance represents a significant milestone in the development of our company and underlines the recognition of our achievements by a world-class industry leader. We are proud to have found in Solvay a reliable partner who shares our pursuit of excellence and innovation.

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The Solvay Group is one of the leading global chemical companies and is characterized by its innovative strength, commitment to sustainability and broad expertise. With a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for a wide range of industries, including chemicals, energy, aerospace and automotive, the Solvay Group plays a key role in the provision of high-quality materials and chemical products. Its focus on sustainable development and environmentally friendly technologies underlines its commitment to social responsibility. As a global company, Solvay Group strives to make a positive impact on the world and its customers through continuous innovation and world-class services.

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