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HR transformation in global expansion: Our solutions for local challenges

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AIT Worldwide Logistics is a global freight forwarder. In the course of extensive change management and a merger with an American group, the company was confronted with numerous challenges in the area of HR. The vacancy of the previous HR Business Partner and the large number of change management projects urgently required a contact person for HR-relevant questions and topics at the locations in Germany, Austria, France and the Czech Republic. 


  • Challenges after restructuring: The previous HR Business Partners had left the company, while numerous change management projects were pending in the course of change management and the merger with an American group.‍
  • Lack of contact persons: The locations in Germany, Austria, France and the Czech Republic urgently needed a contact person for HR-related topics and questions. They were confronted with many challenges due to the company's global presence and pressure from the USA, although there was little knowledge of local regulations.


  • ‍Optimization oflocation-related processes: In close cooperation with the respective local HR business partners, we worked to advance and implement strategic topics holistically and simultaneously at the local level.‍
  • Goal-oriented coaching: We supported management positions at the individual locations and acted as a point of contact for employment law and procedural issues.

"Our partnership with AIT Worldwide Logistics has proven that successful HR transformation is possible in the midst of global expansion. Through close collaboration and in-depth knowledge, we were able to successfully overcome local change management and merger challenges to drive strategic HR initiatives and meet the needs of the respective locations."

Katharina Jungmichel
Project Lead Talentspring
Katharina Jungmichel

Summary of the project

By working closely together, we were able to successfully bridge the HR business partner vacancy and drive forward strategic HR initiatives. This included drafting company agreements, developing global HR guidelines and adapting them to national laws.

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