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Recruiting in a demanding market segment: optics and acoustics

LoQu Optical Group


In 2018, the LoQu Optical Group was acquired by an independent private equity company, and in 2022 there was a change in management. This led to various changes and presented LoQu with recruitment challenges, which were intensified in particular by the intensity of competition in the highly competitive optical and acoustic market. Due to the importance of this sector and the high level of competition, we actively support recruitment for the branches and the filling of key positions at headquarters.


  • Skills shortage: Opening of new stores and understaffing of sales advisors, opticians, hearing care professionals and store managers in aktivoptik and Smykker stores.


  • Successful increase in visibility: With the help of targeted performance recruiting strategies, we were able to significantly increase the visibility of the job advertisements through numerous impressions.‍
  • Optimization of recruiting channels: With strategic placement across various channels such as LinkedIn, Xing, Indeed, Stepstone and more, we have intensified active sourcing to reach a broad candidate network.
  • Effective training and talent development: Our new marketing trainee program, consisting of webinars and a "trainees recruit trainees" approach, not only strengthens our team, but also promotes the internal development and retention of talent.
  • Optimization of the recruiting structure: Through efficient work organization and resource optimization in the recruiting team, we were able to improve work capacity and at the same time increase the quality of our services.

"Through innovative recruiting methods and a strategic personnel marketing strategy, Talentspring has made a significant contribution to attracting highly qualified specialists for the demanding positions in the optics and acoustics market. Our thorough selection process has not only ensured technical expertise, but also enabled a seamless integration into Loqu's corporate culture."

Karim Suhm
Founder Talentspring
Karim Suhm

Summary of the project

Talentspring supported the successful filling of positions at all levels, from management to operational functions. Advanced recruiting methods, such as performance recruiting, active candidate approach and targeted personnel marketing, made it possible to attract highly qualified and committed specialists. Through a thorough selection process that went beyond standard procedures, Talentspring ensured not only professional expertise but also a seamless integration into the corporate culture.

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LoQu Optical Group

The LoQu Optical Group, based in Bad Kreuznach, is a leading company in the field of optics and hearing aids. As an operator of optical stores, aktivoptik and Smykker branches, the group offers a comprehensive selection of glasses, contact lenses and hearing aids. With a strong focus on excellent service and innovative vision and hearing solutions, the LoQu Optical Group fulfills individual needs with the highest quality. Through first-class training programs, the Group promotes talented young professionals in both areas.

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